Sunday, August 8, 2010

the last time i cry

The last time I cried, I still remembered it clearly in my mind because it just happen to me couple weeks ago. It was an incident that I will not ever forget for my whole life.

It’s all started with a plan of my friend, Aina and I to go for having some joys at Sg. Congkak. I was driving from my home to pick up Aina and head up to Sg. Congkak.

As we arrived, we talked as we haven't meet each other for about two month. Aina and I decided to “main air” as we were very furious watching the cold water that flows through the river. Luckily we had prepared ourselves by bringing extra clothes.

But unfortunately, while we walked our way to the toilet to changes our wet clothes, Aina’s slipper was missing! It was so funny that she can lose her slippers. We jump to the conclusion that some pervert monkey stole her slipper. LOL.

So, I entered the toilet first before Aina did because she didn’t want to enter that toilet with bare feet. I did noticed that the toilets stairs is wet and my slippers are slippery. But I managed to balanced myself. After I finished changing clothes, its Aina’s turn. She used my slipper. While waiting for her, I listened to my i pod to filled my free time.

Suddenly, I saw one ‘kakak’ was running towards me. She asked me

“adik ni noni ke? Kawan adik jatuh tangga, tangan dia dah lembik dah..patah kot”

My heart was like stop pumping at that time. Deep in my heart, I don’t want to believe this strangers.

“Adik, cepat!”

Her called just activated back my heart that stop pumping. I rushed towards her and watching her crying painfully.

“Adik datang naik apa?” that ‘kakak’ asked me.

“Kereta kak” I answered.

“cepat pergi ambil kereta datang sini” she instructed me.

I could see that ‘kakak’ was very panic. Later I find out she was the one who managed that slippery toilet and maybe she was so afraid that I will blame her for what happen to my friend but fortunately for her, I couldn’t think of anything at that time.

I was so panic that I cant even think where to send Aina. Aina’s parent also came in my mind at that time, “what am I supposed to answer to her parents?” I am very worried that Aina’s parent wont allowed us to befriend anymore.

But Aina was very calm. Maybe she was pretending to be calm so that I’ll not panic. Thanks Aina. You are very helpful.

Finally I found my way. Aina asked me to send her to one of private hospital at Kajang. Unfortunately,there were no doctors. But they did gave her a injection on her buttocks. It’s a pain killer or something I don’t know (the fact that I still panic)

While we there, Aina call her parent to tell them what happen. Aina’s father asked me to send her to Hospital Putrajaya.

When we arrived there, Aina’s parents arrived at the same time. Then she be checked and being x-rayed. Her left hand has been confirmed broke. Her radius broke pretty bad. So, her hand need to be cement. It takes almost one hour and four doctors to correct back her hands bone. She was given a sedatives so that she will not feel the pain.

While she is in the operation room, her father treat me lunch. I was so relieved that her parents does not blame me on what happened to their only daughter.

When they have finished cement-ing Aina’s hand, Aina text me “I need you. Im in x-ray room”.

When I’ve seen her on a wheel chair, (because of the sedatives make her dizzy and cant even stand) I just cant hold my tears from dropping. I’ve tried to fake a smile, but I couldn’t. that particular time, I started to felt all the blame on me.
But she said “its not your fault” to make me stop crying. But the words just make me cried even more.

Then she went back home with her parents and I have to drive alone. Again, in my car while im driving home. I was crying again. ALONE. :’(

That night I couldn’t remember how many times I cried. Its my slipper she was wearing, it was my plan to go there. How can they are saying its not my fault.

Aina, I’m very sorry on what happen to you. Till today, I still blaming myself.

I prayed for your hand so that you can do your routine life as usual again.

p/s : no name in this story are real name ;)
and sorry for the broken english, I'm still learning.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My lovely family

My strong,handsome father names Ramli bin Bakri. He was born in 1959 and he is now 51.He was born in Batu Bara,Indonesia. He found his marriage partner 20 years ago,which is my lovely mother. Marfu’ah binti Amiruddin is the given name to her. She was also born in Indonesia.They got married in 1990. This lovely couple decide to transfer to Malaysia in 1990 and started a business. My hero that is my father initially owned a restaurant at one of the famous mall Sunway Pyramid. However,because of some circumventions,he changed his way to running another business.

After I year,I was born to brighten the family .My father named me nuraini (cahaya mataku). My parents really treated me like a new born princes as I was their first child. Im so grateful that all my wishes were fulfilled by my parents. Proudly saying,I went through a wonderful childhood. But admittedly.i’m kind a slightly stubborn child. I love adventures.

After 2 years,born a cute girl,with so curved upwards eyelashes. She’s my first sister,named by my father as Azri Izzati. I have know idea why must it be ‘azri’ when she’s a girl. But im sure my father must have a reason for it. She’s now studying in Technical Institute of Kuala Lumpur as a form 5 student. Her latest achievement is a champion debater representing Kuala Lumpur and Selangor for Kejohanan Antara Teknik (KAT) for national level. Looking back my past time,I remember I always fought with her. Yes she was my only sister that time,she is my bestfriend,and she is also my enemy!! Bet she must be thinking the same way towards me. However ,those bitter moments that now bring laughters to our family when we gather and talk about it. We even tell each other “I never regret fighting with you!!”

A baby boy was born then,but he was not well. He died the next 2 days. Sadly saying that he is the only boy born in our family. A simple name was given to him,Muhammad Abdullah. Even my mother never get a chance to see him.

Few years later,Siti Wahyuni was born with so bright skin,a chinese looking girl,small nose,hazel eyes. she's now 12 yearsold n going to sit fot UPSR end of this September Insyaallah. She achieved top 5 rank for her latest competition in poem declamation, under MBPJ,(majlis bandaraya petaling jaya).

Laili idayu is my youngest sister. She's now studying in standard 4. Ayu is just stubborn and clumsy as how i am. But proudly saying that she's active in theater and hockey. She started join theater as she was introduced by her elder sister Yuni to the theater teacher,she sang well.
Now this two young girl and their them were offered to make a cd on traditional dances.
I miss my parents so much as i have to contact them everyday and sometime twice a day. I could spent my hp credit to my friends,why dont i do so to my parents rite??

I love my family as how my family give me their great love. Goddess is the best to describe this love.Ya Allah,keep them safe on your care and shield.